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Tel: +82-2-537-5111

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In 2019, Anysis, a platelet complex function test, was commercialized and it became possible to perform five tests such as Aspirin test. Anysis provides results with less than 5 minutes with 200uL of whole blood. 


The Anysis’s unique technology enables to mimic in-vivo hemodynamic conditions of platelet activation, adhesion, and aggregation in a vascular lumen, providing simple, rapid detection of congenital, inherited and acquired platelet dysfunction in clinical environments.  

The RheoScan system can measure rheological properties of blood (i.e., RBC deformability, aggregation, critical stress etc) at any research and clinical environments by adopting laser-optic and microfluidic technologies. The RheoScan system guarantees the precise and user independent results and the quick and easy handling even at clinical environment.

RheoScan indicates that deteriorated blood cell is the essential cause of vascular diseases. The blood cell is one of the most important biomarker of the body and is responsible for delivering gases. If blood cells are chronically exposed at unfavorable condition such as high glucose blood, they are immediately affected and their intrinsic characteristics (ex: deformability) are deteriorated. Deteriorated blood cells may not only impede oxygen delivery, but also injure vascular wall, which may trigger the cascade enents responsible for vascular diseases.

​About us

RheoMeditech Inc., founded in 2003, specializes in blood test in-vitro diagnostic device and has developed by publishing a number of technical and clinical papers to the international Association. 

We seek to improve human health and healthcare. B
ased on our advanced technology, we commercialized RheoScan, the world's first clinical blood circulation system in 2007 and is using it as a diagnostic technology for diabetes microvascular diseases. 

In 2019, Anysis, the Platelet Complex Function Analyzer, was commercialized and we were able to perform five tests such as the Aspirin test. 

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