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early diagnosis diabetic complication rheoscan

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CSS-Diabetic Nephropathy


1. S.M. Chung, J. H. Oh, J. S. Moon, Y. K. Kim, J.S. Yoon, K.C. Won1 & H.W. Lee, Critical Shear Stress is Associated with Diabetic Kidney Disease in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Scientific Reports (2018) 8:908


2. S.B. Lee, Y.S. Kim, J.H. Kim, K. Park, J.S. Nam, S. Kang, J.S. Park, S. Shin and C.W. Ahn, Use of RBC deformability index as an early marker of diabetic nephropathy, Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation DOI 10.3233/CH-180434.


3. Lee S, Lee MY, Nam JS, Kang S, Park JS, Shin S, Ahn CW, and Kim KR. Hemorheological Approach for Early Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic Nephropathy in Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes Tech & Therap. 2015; 17: 1-8

4. Lee SB, Kim YS, Kim JH, Park K, Nam JS, Kang S et al. Use of RBC deformability index as an early marker of diabetic nephropathy. Clin Hemorheol Microcirc. 2019; 72(1): 75-84. 

Deformability-Diabetic Retinopathy

1. J.S. Moon , J.H. Kim, J.H. Kim, I.R. Park, J.H. Lee, H.J. Kim, J. Lee, Y.K. Kim, J.S. Yoon, K.C. Won, H.W. Lee, Impaired RBC deformability is associated with diabetic retinopathyin patients with type 2 diabetes, Diabetes & Metabolism 42 (2016) 448–452


CSS-Metabolic syndrome

1. P Gyawali et al., , RS Richards, P Tinley, EU Nwose, Hemorheology, ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI) and toe brachial pressure index (TBPI) in metabolic syndrome, Microvascular research 95(2014), 31-36

2. Gyawali, RS Richards, Association of altered hemorheology with oxidative stress and inflammation in metabolic syndrome, Redox Report 20 (2015), 139- 144


3. P Gyawali, RS Richards, PT Bwititi, EU Nwose, The association of dyslipidemia with erythrocyte aggregation, Clinical Lipidology 10 (2015), 129-135


4. P Gyawali et al., Hemorheological parameters better classify metabolic syndrome than novel cardiovascular risk factors and peripheral vascular disease marker, Clin. hemorheol. microcirc. 64 (2016), 1-5


5. P Gyawali et al., Erythrocyte aggregation and metabolic syndrome, Clin. hemorheol. microcirc. 57 (2014) 73-83

CSS-Technical papers

1. J. Jung, B.K. Lee and S. Shin, Yield shear stress and disaggregating shear stress of human blood, Korea-Australia Rheology J. 26 (2014) 191-198


2. S. Xue, B.K. Lee, S. Shin, Disaggregating shear stress: The roles of cell deformability and fibrinogen concentration, Clin. Hemorheol. Microcirc. 55 (2013) 231.240


3. B.K. Lee, J.Y.Ko, H.J. Lim, J.H Nam, S. Shin, Investigation of critical shear stress with simultaneous measurement of electrical impedance, capacitance and light backscattering, Clin. Hemorheol. Microcirc. 51 (2012) 203-212


4. J.H. Nam, S. Xue, H. Lim and S. Shin, Study of erythrocyte aggregation at pulsatile flow conditions with backscattering analysis, Clin. Hemorheol. Microcirc. 50 (2012) 257-266


5. H.J. Lim, Y.J. Lee, J.H. Nam, S. Chung, S. Shin, Temperaturedependent threshold shear stress of red blood cell aggregation, J. Biomechanics, 43 (2010) 546-550.


6. H..J Lim, J.H. Nam, Y. Lee, S. Shin, Measurement of the temperature- dependent threshold shear-stress of red blood cell aggregation, Rev. Scientific Instruments, 80 (2009) 096101.


7. S. Shin, A transient, microfluidic approach to the investigation of erythrocyte aggregation: The threshold shear-stress for erythrocyte disaggregation, Clin. Hemorheol. Microcirc. 42 (2009)117


8. J.X. Hou and S. Shin, Transient microfluidic approach to the investigation of erythrocyte aggregation: comparison and validation of the method, Korea-Australia Rheology J. 20 (2008) 253-260


9. S. Shin, J.X. Hou and J.S. Suh, Measurement of cell aggregation characteristics by analysis of laser-backscattering in a microfluidic rheometry, Korea-Australia Rheology J. 19 (2007)61-66.



Platelet function analysis

1. Seong Jun Park et al. ‘Performance Evaluation of the Anysis-200 Platelet Function Analyzer in Cardiac Patients’. 1 Jan. 2020 : 1 – 7.

2. Young Hak Chung et al., Performance comparison of platelet function analyzers in cardiology patients: VerifyNow and Anysis-200 aspirin assays: June: 2020

3. Piao, Jinxiang, et al., "Performance comparison of the PFA-200 and Anysis-200: Assessment of bleeding risk screening in cardiology patients" Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation (2021) DOI 10.3233/CH-211185

4. Piao Jinxiang et al., "Performance comparison of aspirin assay between anysis and verifynow: Assessment of therapeutic platelet inhibition in patients with cardiac diseases" Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation (2021) DOI 10.3233/CH-211171

5. Piao, Jinxiang et al., "Assessment of therapeutic platelet inhibition in cardiac patients: Comparative study between VerifyNow-P2Y12 and Anysis-P2Y12 assay" Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation 78 (2021) 439–448. DOI 10.3233/CH-211104

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