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​About RheoMeditech Inc.

Hematology analyzer and In-vitro diagnostic device manufacturer, RheoMeditech
RheoMeditech Inc., founded in 2003, specializes in blood test in-vitro diagnostic device and has developed by publishing a number of technical and clinical papers to the international Association. RheoMeditech Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wide range of in vitro diagnostic analyzers, test kits, and consumables.

We seek to improve human health and healthcare. Based on our advanced technology, we commercialized RheoScan, the world's first clinical blood circulation system in 2007 and is using it as a diagnostic technology for diabetes microvascular diseases. Anysis, the Platelet Function Analyzer, was commercialized and we were able to perform four tests such as the ADP, Epi, and Aspirin test. 
RheoESR, which can measure ESR(Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate) in 20 seconds, is almost ready to be out in the medical field. 60 test tubes can be inserted. 
RheoMeditech offers early screening and diagnostics that provide health care professionals to make better decisions. With greater trust, we can help people achieve better health through our early diagnosis systems with innovative technology. The best treatment starts with early detection.

We provide what patients need now.

RheoMeditech., Inc.


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RheoMeditech ISO 13485

Free Sales Certificate

Free Sales Certificate

Rhescan CE DoC

CE DoC Rheoscan

anysis ce

CE DoC Anysis

IVD Manufacturer

IVD Manufacturing License

Upcoming events

Medical Team


World Forum for Medicine - International trade fair for medical technology, imagery, health IT, laboratory equipment, diagnostics, hospital and surgery equipment 

Participating Events

MEDICA 2020 . 11 . 16~19  : Dusseldorf, Germany 

AACC 2020 . 12 . 13~ 17  : Chicago, United States of America

KIMES 2021 . 03.18-21  : Seoul, Korea

MEDICA 2019 : Dusseldorf, Germany

KIMES 2021 : Seoul, Korea

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