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RBC Rheology in Microcirculation

RBC Deformability

Healthy RBCs

  • Flow through a vessel which is smaller than RBCs due to deformabilit

Hardened RBCs

  • Have some difficulty in flowing small vessels, which may cause followings: Local hypertensionLocal vascular injury and sclerosisHypoxia to tissues

rheomeditech diabetic complication early diagnosis rheoscan

RBC Aggregation

Healthy RBCs

  • easy to disaggregate and enter small vessels in n efficient manners.


Hyper-aggregating RBCs

  • Do not dis-aggregate and cause followings: Local hypertension, vascular sclerosisHypoxia to local tissues

rheomeditech diabetic complication early diagnosis rheoscan

RBC Rheology in DM Complication


Patients with diabetes mellitus(DM) have hyperglycemia and elevated fibrinogen that leads to impaired RBC deformabilityRBC aggregation, and Cricital Shear Stress.

- Hyperglycemia leads to non-enzymatic glycation and oxidative stress which increases Glycosylated Hemoglobin Type A1C and membrane glycation, Peroxidation of lipid membrane leads to impaired red blood cell deformability. 

RheoScan can diagnose  diabetic complications such as diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, and metabolic syndrome with RBC deformability / Critical Shear Stress. 

The best treatment starts with early detection



Early metabolic dysregulation


Type 2 Diabetes

Metabolic Syndrome

T2DM Complications

Glucose monitoring is not enough to detect T2DM(type 2 diabetic mellitus) complications.


The most serious problem is the late detection of the Diabetic Mellitus complications at their late stages 

diabetic complication early diagnosis rheoscan

RheoScan system provides clinicians with easy and rapid identification of a patient’s diabetic complication status at  point-of-care (POC) setting.

Now, RheoScan based on the innovative technology and clinical validation is ready to answers the calls from the hospitals and clinics. 

diabetic complication early diagnosis rheoscan
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