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All about RheoSCAN


Anti-platelet Therapy Response Assessment

The Anysis system test provides assessment for inherited, acquired, or drug-induced platelet dysfunction.

Through in-vivo vascular mimicking microfluidics, the system measures a realistic primary hemostasis associated with platelet function.

🔎 Key Features of Anysis

✔​ Whole blood hemostasis assay

✔​​ Similar to in vivo vascular environment

​✔ Test time: ~ 4min/test

​✔ Sample volume: 200uL

✔ Result: ​Measurement of how far the blood has migrated is the index for assessing the platelet function. The longer the distance migrated, the stronger the dysfunction of the platelets.

🩸 4 Types of Test Kits

Collagen/ADP test

Collagen/EPI (Epinephrine) test

Aspirin test

P2Y12 test

D-TEST Cartridges

① RSD-K01 Critical Shear Stress (Aggregation-1)

② RSD-K02 Deformability (consists of K01 + pvp sol.) IMPORTANT* PVP Solution must be stored in 2-8ºC.** Expiration date: 5-6 months after manufactured Best to use within 3 months. ​ (You may separately buy PVP solutions in bulk.)

A-TEST Cartridges

③ RSA-C01 (Aggregation-2)

IFU RheoScan (ENG)
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Red blood cells (RBCs) have ability to undergo large deformations when subjected to stresses, which allows the RBCs to pass through capillaries narrower than resting RBC diameter.

A slight decrease in red cell deformability may cause important disturbances in the blood circulation of micro-vessels, but also in blood vessels whose lumen is diminished markedly by atherosclerosis or thrombosis.

Recent clinical observations have reported that reduced RBC deformability is a common risk factor for circulation diseases including diabetes, sepsis, malaria, hypertension, sickle cell anemia, myocardial ischaemia, stroke and other circulation disorders. A growing body of scientific evidences indicates that cell deformability can be used to identify patients at risk for cardiovascular diseases at earlier stage.

Cell deformability test - one that is performed at the patient point of care and that delivers results in just a minute - would give healthcare providers a valuable tool for diagnosing and preventing circulation disorders.

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