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All about RheoSCAN

Ultimately, anyone at risk of developing circulatory disorders will benefit from better technology for measuring cell deformability and critical shear stress. Quick and easy measurements at the point of care will provide earlier detection of the circulatory diseases including diabetic kidney disease and diabetic retinopathy , allowing patients to be treated on time and to have healthy life.

RheoScan received approval from Korea Food & Drug Administration(KFDA) though GMP tests as a First class medical device in Dec., 2005. Furthermore, RheoScan have declared CE for high quality manufacturing and management.

RheoScan formed key partnerships with leading research and medical institutions such as Korea University Hospital-Artificial Organ Research Center, Kyungpook National University Hospital, and has scheduled a number of clinical studies through to further validate the relationship between the biophysical properties of cell deformability and circulatory disorders.

The RheoScan-AnD is the first point-of-care device for measuring the biophysical properties of blood cells. By integrating leading-edge technologies such as laser-diffraction, microfluidics, image-processing, RheoScan' innovative disposable chip can measures a patient's blood cell deformability and critical shear stress (CSS) within a minute.

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